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Get Knotted – Fragrant Fenders

We at Get Knotted are renowned for our high quality, solid rope fenders, mooring lines, and fragrant fenders.  We stock a wide variety of rope fenders for all boat types ranging from narrow boat fenders and canal boat fenders to traditional rope fenders and side fenders.  They are all man-made rope knots (specifically designed).  So if you are in need of rope fenders and rope fender supplies then look no further than us!

As an added bonus, we also stock and have access to virtually any rope requirements you may need from rope decking to banister ropes – just ask us, we are more than sure we can help! Over the years, we have not only supplied to the marine industry, we have also been asked to supply and fit ropes for garden decking, and bespoke banister ropes and their associated fixings, which we, of course, are happy to oblige.

We can tie various knots and give it that perfect finishing touch.  We have access to a large range of sizes and colours of ropes and various fixtures and fittings to suit your needs and requirements.

We have also become famous for our Fragrant Fenders.  The idea for them was born here at the ‘Get Knotted’ workshop at Warwick top lock on the Grand Union canal (Warwickshire).  They are made by our local Artisans, using natural materials where ever possible.  The rope itself is natural Manila and the oil essence which we infuse the rope with are selected for maximum aroma and longevity.  We use four different oils altogether including: Lavender, Lemon Grass, Jasmine, and Patchouli.  They all have unique healing properties to help in your everyday life.