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Ownashare Cruising Ltd

Ownashare Cruising Ltd

We at Ownashare Cruising Ltd are your answer to owning your own narrow boat! We manage a fleet of narrowboats which operate on a shared ownership basis.  Yes you could actually own part of a boat – usually one-twelfth of one! This gives owners the opportunity to enjoy at least 3-4 weeks holiday afloat every year at a very affordable price, two of which are guaranteed to fall within the April – September period.  Provisions will have to be made for those restricted by school holidays, and those wanting extra weeks – these will be subject to availability and can be taken at no extra cost.  You can have all the enjoyment being on a boat can bring, but at only a fraction of the cost of hiring for the same period.  The catch? You may ask is that there isnt one!

The UK offers over 2000 miles of waterways to explore, every inch of which welcomes you to a world of total relaxation.  You could experience historic urban landscapes, vast lengths of tranquil ribbons of peace and quiet, punctuated every now and then by charming villages, country pubs and locks.  Think about it – that could be you on that boat witnessing all that!

With over 90 years of experience on the canals and rivers of the UK, 30 of which in boat management – we can ensure that the owners of all of our boats derive maximum enjoyment from their craft without all the hassle of maintaining it.  We make sure it is serviced correctly on turnaround, and that any work that needs doing to it is done to a proper standard.  Each of our boats has its own allocated  manager who is available to the owners for advice or assistance at any time.  You will also be privy to a 7 days a week technical Helpline for total peace of mind.